What We Do

We are licensed and insured, and we go out of our way to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. AC/BC Electric will take care of it for you, whether the task is big or little. We are offering commercial and residential services. When it comes to your home or business, you should never have to settle for second best. That’s why AC/BC Electric is the only name you need to know for all your electrical needs.

Residential Services

We offer a wide selection of residential electrical services, including:

Commercial Services

our range of commercial electrical services covers anything you might need.

From upgrades and improvements to building and installing electrical work from the ground up, our commercial electrical services are reliable, efficient and fair.

Renovation Services

If your house is considered old by any standards, you might want to remodel it. However, with the remodeling come certain electrical system renovations that are unavoidable.

Lighting Upgrades

We can assist you in achieving your vision for any lighting application, whether it is a streetlight, security light or landscape lighting.

EV Charging

 Installing Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, or direct current (DC) fast EV charging stations for residential or commercial buildings.

Air Conditioning

Partner with plumbing and HVAC companies to install heat pumps, Assess electrical and load before installation

Security Systems

Having a security camera is your first line of defense against property crime. we offer: Installing Hardwired Cameras, Installing Nest Cameras, Installing Ring Doorbells

Panel Changes

Service panel upgrade, Replacing fuse boxes, Upgrading BC Hydro meter socket, Setting up service mast for overhead connections, Electrical safety assessment  and Code corrections

Trouble Shooting

All the electrical systems are pretty much noiseless when they function normally. If you feel that a system may have a problem, we could help you.

Have Questions?

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By working with us, you are choosing to receive exemplary customer service for the duration of your project. We want to build strong relationships with all our customers that last beyond the scope of their current project.

YES, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is one of our specialties. We can help you set up the infrastructure in your strata building or home, and we will educate you on the incentives available from various programs in British Columbia. We can also help you apply for them and make the construction process stress free!


Yes, we have a project service staff that is available for projects ranging from 2 hours to 2 days. Inquire with us by phone or on our website if you’d like to learn more.

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